ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Review | Is It Really the Best?

Looking for a backpack that not only reliably performs in the backcountry as you hunt but has enough rooms and compartments for all your gears as well?

Well, I’ll tell you the best way to go.

Passionate hunters who live and breathe in the outdoors will know what it takes to build a pack that’s highly functional, durable, and extremely comfortable regardless of the hunting scenario.

Using the Alps outdoors packs for more than a year, I’ve been incredibly impressed to recommend their bags to my fellow people at outs.

And today, in this ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit review, I will help you find out how the Pursuit backpack makes your hunting life easy. I’ve compiled detail to every notable benefit you will have with this hunting bag.

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Review

The comfort and maneuverability it gives you in the wild are second to none!

Although it looks gentle, it is specially designed for hunting purposes, and as you’d expect, it’s very sturdy. It withstands a standard torturous use in the wild. You will not be disappointed with the performance.

Now, let’s dive right in with the detailed features it offers. You’ll find out why it is one of the best backcountry hunting packs out there!

Large Carrying Capacity For Easy Organization

This alps outdoors backpack is the ideal pack for a hunting expedition especially when you need to go hiking with lots of gears.

It features a lot of storage pockets which includes a large front pocket, a similar sized main pocket, and smaller side mesh pockets with two pockets on the padded waist belt. These compartments make it easy for you to get well organized.

The drop-down rifle and bow pocket together with the hydration pocket and quiver holders makes it easy for you to organize all your hunting essentials.

It is non-breakable webbing for attaching your holsters and the smaller storage pocket with multiple smaller inner mesh pockets serve as storage spaces for small gears like knives and gloves.

Besides, there are also netted outer pockets if you need room for more gears. With the total carrying capacity of 2700 cubic inches, you surely have enough place to organize all your hunting gears.

However, the primary storage pocket alone can accommodate multiple gears and sufficient clothing for a three-day hunting escapade.

Bow and Gun Carrying System

This weapon carrying system is a distinguishing factor between this hunting backpack and a standard backpack. Without the system, ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit’s use as a hunting backpack would not be complete. The backpack’s weapon system was designed to suit the needs of both bow and arrow hunters.

Similarly, the versatility makes it an ideal gear for all types of hunters. The quiver holders on the two sides of the pack allow you to readily get hold of your arrows without requiring the hassle of taking it off or revolving to reach them.

Besides, the alps pursuit bow pack also comes with a drop-down pocket for accommodating your rifle and bow. This feature also makes the weapon handy, so you can quickly gun down your target. The gun and the bow fit tightly and securely in the sling.

Durable Realtree Extra HD Material

For a backpack to qualify for hunting purposes, it must be durable. Herein, the Outdoor Z Pursuit is made with tough brushed Realtree extra HD material for durability. This feature makes the bag rugged and suitable for use in the wild and places the pack above other brands. This material is tear-resistant.

It comfortably withstands the brutality of the tree branches and bushes without any tear. The bag is also designed with the color of the wild as a camouflage. This color makes it difficult for the animals to spot you, thus, increasing your chances of success.

Hydration Pocket And Port

The backpack comes with a hydration pocket for your water bladder. This feature ensures you have sufficient water you need on the go while keeping your hands free. A plastic clip on the right shoulder strap holding a drinking tube is fantastic.

Two additional clips attached to the top of the hydration pocket prevents the water bladder from collapsing into the base of the pocket. While hiking, taking off the backpack to reach your water bottle can be a hassle. So, the hydration port allows you to pass a water bladder that’s linked up to the reservoir.

This way, you can easily drink from the bladder anytime you are thirsty. The system makes it easy for you to drink while you hunt in the wild.

Lifetime Warranty

To further certify the ruggedness and durability of this backpack, the producers of this fantastic hunting backpack offer you a lifetime warranty. Such a degree of guarantee shows clearly the confidence the producer has in their product.

A product with a one-year warranty shows you that the makers made the product to last for at least a year. And when the warranty period increases, the level of confidence the makers have in their product increases.

What this lifetime warranty means in this alps outdoorz pursuit review, in essence, is that the manufacturer is convinced of the ability of the product to perform for as long as you use it.

So, by offering a lifetime warranty on this backpack, ALPS outdoorz pursuit is so convinced that the bag is sturdy enough to provide support to you for your entire life. Indeed, the structure and the build quality of this backpack tells you straight away that it will last all through your life span.

Rain Shield

The backpack also comes with a blaze orange rain cover. All you need to keep your gear nice and dry during wet weather is to reach the rain cover and put it over your backpack. Besides, when not in use, the rain cover with the sling for bow and rifle neatly stores away, so they don’t cause any obstruction.

What you may like

  • Lightweight yet made with durable materials
  • Large carrying capacity with sufficient main room
  • Lots of additional smaller pockets for easy organization and convenience
  • Comes with D-rings to make hanging on the tree easy
  • Different patterns and designs to choose from
  • Handy and convenient organizational front pockets
  • Double quiver vessels on either side of the backpack
  • Bow and gun pockets to properly secure your gears
  • Back compartment comes with an extension for holding your water bottles
  • Great value for the cost
  • Hydration pocket to ensure you never run out of drinking water
  • Outside mesh loops provide additional room to accommodate your gears
  • Strong zippers with flawless functioning

What you may not like

  • The waist belt is unsuitable for individuals with a larger frame and may not correctly fit individuals above 6’1″
  • Doesn’t have a framework for better stability
  • Not intrinsically waterproof, although it comes with a separate waterproof cover
  • Not suitable for carrying harvested games home
  • The hip strap doesn’t fasten well enough
  • Lack of frame to make the bag stable


Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you will find some of the most commonly asked queries around the internet about this specific product. For further queries, you will have to rely on Google searches.

1. Is the backpack noisy?

The backpack is noiseless. You can easily pull your gear out of the bag without any distracting sound that could scare your target game away.

2. What is the carrying capacity of the backpack?

The backpack has a huge carrying capacity of two-thousand seven hundred cubic inches.

3.Is the backpack suitable for wet weather?

Although the material of the backpack is not intrinsically water resistant, it ships with a plastic waterproof cover to ensure all your gears stay nice and dry even under wet conditions.

4.Does the backpack have sufficient room for my gears?

You have enough room for your hunting gear with this backpack. It comes with a large main room and lots of small sized pockets for a comfortable and convenient organization. You have storage space both inside and outside the bag to ensure you have enough room for all essential gears for you day hunting

5. How secure is the bow and gun strap?

The strap for bow and gun is pretty strong and secure. It perfectly holds your rifle or hunting bow.



The Wrap Up

With this ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit review, you’ll see that it makes a fantastic backup hunting pack. The backpack makes organizing your gears for a day’s hunting expedition easy.

Besides, it effectively serves as a supplementary backpack for hiking away from a camping ground. It features everything you’d desire in a hunting bag. Despite the lack of frame, it’s very sturdy and performs exceptionally well.

The padding on the shoulder strap and waist belt keeps you comfortable all through. No doubt, this ALPS  Pursuit bow Pack delivers excellent results.

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