Deer Hunting Tips for Beginner

Hunting deer sounds sweet. But when it comes to action, it takes quite some guts for the hunter himself. And you have to keep proper knowledge of deer hunting. Here I have discussed deer hunting tips that will be helpful for your hunting. You can learn on this blog 9 actionable deer hunting secrets

As you know, you’re dealing with one of the trickiest kind of animals here. And nothing is going to happen if you don’t go an extra mile with your preparation.

Talking about preparation, you never know exactly which trick is going to get your next successful hunting. So, it’s better to have a firm knowledge of all of the ‘deer hunting 101′.

However, we want to give you a hand in this regard. And that’s why we’ve put together some of the most impactful deer hunting tips and tricks right in this post.

deer hunting tips

Give yourself a few minutes and go through the whole post. Thank us later, maybe.

Tip 1: Be Certain About Your Destination

Nothing good will happen if you be at the wrong place at the wrong time. So, the foremost duty is to know the exact place for deer hunting.This is done best before even the hunting season arrives.If you’re confined within a shorter area, you can use gadgets like a wireless camera. Placing them on the hotspots will let you be more precise about where exactly to hunt.

Tip 2: Be As Quiet As You Can

One of the deer hunting 101 is not to be too noisy while you’re out for hunting.Deer have a superpower of hearing many times more than human. They can detect tiniest of the noises even from a quarter mile of distance.

The best practice is to set your camp at the hunting spot 1 or 2 days before. Also, wearing soft shoes might help to walk silently. There are sound-canceling hunting boots available in this regard.

Tip 3: Learn to Read the Weather

During a nice deer hunting day, one of the whitetail deer hunting tips is to take hints from the weather. In deer hunting seasons, these tiny signs can save much of your effort and time.

Here are some of them-

  • When the wind if speeding over 20mph, the direction and speed have some indications. The stronger the wind flows, the higher the barometric pressure will rise. Your time to be out for hunting will be after it subsides.
  • When it rains heavily, especially in the morning, don’t forget to wear your raingear. Once done, deer will neither smell or hear you.
  • When it’s the time to snowfall, deer hunting becomes quite easy. You’ll be able to see your target clearer and deer won’t be able to smell you as well.

 Tip 4: Plant A Tree-trap Yourself

This is one of the least-practiced, yet effective tricks we’ve ever seen.

Create a small food plot for the deer, and bring them within your bow range. In order to do that, a branch of a cedar tree(or anything similar) would do.

Do plant the brand within 20 yards from your position to stay accurate and alert. Also, don’t forget to create a mock scrape underneath it.

Tips 5 of 9: Let The Deer Drive Do the Work for You

This might sound controversial. But deer drives have some effectiveness if done properly.

A drive done in the opening day can work for you by hanging a standoff the line of the property. Also, if it goes wrong, you may see deer moved away long before standers are in the right place.

Tips 6 of 9: Trap The Deer’s Attention

One of the most practiced deer hunting tricks is to trick them with decoys, deer calls etc. If you’ve not done it before, you’re going to like it. We bet!

Here are a few tips to make it happen-

  • Use deer tricking decoys. In today’s market, you can find decoys that look lifelike- even better way to trick them out.
  • Using deer calls is another superb trick. Example- bleat cans, grunt tubes etc.

On a serious note, learn how to deal with these items before stepping into using them.

Tips 7 of 9: Kill Your Smell

Even noob hunters know that how sharp deer’s smelling capacity is. They can smell even the lightest portion of your body smell. So, kill every kind of smell before going for shooting. If you can’t kill it, at least cover up.

There are products available like scent eliminator to help you in this regard. These are sprays which cover up the smell and prevents spreading out.

Another piece of advice is to bath with a scent-free soap before you start the journey.

Tips 8 of 9: Look As Vertically As You Can

You know, deer are likely to hide under thick covers. But every now and then, they move around. Your chance to detect that movement is when you look from a vertical point of view.

We recommend to seat on a treetop and fit yourself silently. Chose a place from where you can have clear views of almost every corner of the area nearby.

Tip 9 of 9: Read the Movements of Deer

This is kind of a pro level whitetail hunting tips, and let’s end the list with that.

When you keep an eye on the movements of a deer, you can estimate some events that are going to happen.

As you know, when deer are seeking something subconsciously, they move discretely. So, your chance of trapping them is quite low.

But when a deer target another prey, they move right along. And you know what’s going to happen next.

Try to figure out the destination of the deer and target your bow right there. Because once the deer catches it’s prey, it’s going to slow down for a while.

And that is your chance to shot.

Bottom Line

That’s all we’ve got to showcase today on how to hunt deer. Hope that you’ve found most of these tips actionable. Try them out in your next deer hunt and let us know what happened on the filed.

Good luck!

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