How to choose a good Hunting knife

How to choose a good Hunting knife

How do you exactly go about choosing a good hunting knife? Well, quality can be determined by the versatility of the knife – meaning it can do everything the average hunter would need it to do. This can be something from dressing a cervid or skinning a hog, to cacophonous through bone or a carcass. In many cases, this is more than enough for most of the hunters. Before choosing any kind of knife – especially for hunting – it’s important to know what you’ll be using the knife for and what type of game you are hunting for. Obviously, anyone hunting for the big game will want to be using a hunting knife that differs from what you would use to hunt a rabbit. However, if you think going for the biggest game in the forest is better, you could be wrong with your idea. Using a big knife to clean smaller animals will make your job that more difficult, and you could possibly end up cutting yourself.

Choosing the Best Hunting Knife For Your Outdoor Trip?

For many, the task of choosing the best hunting knife can be a daunting one. There are so many options that getting lost in the woodwork (or the metalwork, for that matter) is practically guaranteed. However, once one becomes familiar with the different kinds of knives and how the attributes of these knives can play out in practical terms, finding the best hunting knife becomes second-nature. Before anything else, one must consider either getting a folding hunting knife or a fixed blade knife.

Folding Hunting Knife
Folding Hunting knife The best folding hunting knife is one where both sturdiness and flexibility are taken into consideration. However, folding hunting knives have, in general, a few pros and cons. Here are a few positive points to think about when searching for the best folding hunting knife:

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  • Easy to carry.
  • Doesn’t need a sheath
  • Easy access to more than one blade
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  • More compact


There are also a few drawbacks to this kind of knife:

1. Loss of sturdiness where the blade flips out

2. Loss of sturdiness in the hollow handle

3. Difficult to clean

Fixed Blade Knife
On the flip side to a folding hunting knife are fixed blade knives. These kinds of knives are more traditional. There are also some very clear pros and cons to fixed blade knives. The following are some pros and cons for this kind of knife:

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  • Very sturdy
  • Blades can be switched out
  • No moving parts
  • Can have a thicker blade

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  • Needs a sheath
  • Can be bulky
  • Harder to change out the blades


It is now time to move on to the more specific attributes of a knife. When all the following properties are put into consideration, the best hunting knife won’t be hard to find.
The size of the knife has to do with both the size of the handle and the size of the blade. When it comes to the handle, always choose a knife that feels comfortable. A good rule of thumb is that if the beginning and end of the handle are each two inches from the hand, a fairly accurate handle size has been found.

The size of the blade is also something very important to consider. It mostly depends on the kind of game that is being hunted. For instance, if small animals like squirrels and rabbits are the target, a smaller blade is generally needed. On the other hand, a large game like deer is going to require a much bigger blade. Lastly, don’t become attracted to large blades just for the show. Always keep practicality in mind.

Design of the Blade
Blade designs generally consist of three different categories: drop point, clip point, and skinning. Each of these serves distinct purposes.

First of all, a drop point design is used when hunting large game. It’s extremely sturdy and can even be used to cut bone. Consider using this kind of design for skinning. The fact that the entire blade can be used rather than just the point makes skinning very accurate.

Second is a clip point design. If hunting is the main reason for buying a knife, a clip point design should be avoided. However, it is useful when it comes to setting up camp because of its close resemblance to a typical work knife.

Lastly is the skinning design. Obviously, this kind of knife is used primarily for skinning. Specifically, it is used to skin medium or large sized game. The blade is very curvy compared to the previous designs. This makes skinning quick and easy.

The material of the Blade
Stainless steel hunting knife final thing to consider is which material the blade should be made up of. Steel is the typical material used for a knife blade. There are many different kinds of steel used when making hunting knives. Here are just a few to consider:

Hunting Knife choosing tips:

Take some time to think about your plan on hunting, then you should consider how often it is that you hunt. Some people may only hunt occasionally and want a knife that will allow them to do a variety of different things, so having a smaller folding knife is usually just fine. But if you’re dedicated to the woods and the hunting game, a strong knife with a fixed blade will probably make a lot more sense. It’s really just a personal preference.
Another Consideration:
You’ll then need to decide how (and where) you want to carry your knife – this could be in a sheath or just your pocket – and this is VERY important. Carrying a large blade in your pocket can lead to slicing your leg wide open, and carrying a loose blade in your hand or elsewhere could lead to losing your knife. However, it really is dependent upon your budget and choice. There are hunting knives that fit within everyone’s budget so choose wisely, you don’t want to end up with something you do not like. But hey, most any knife is capable of getting whatever job it is you need to be done.
Finally, I can say that a good hunting knife can make you hunting enjoyable and joyful. Before choosing the best hunting knives things should be considered that I discussed above. There are many types of knife available in the market but you should at first think what will be the perfect knife for you or what will be the exact knife for your hunting. Then take decide. So enjoy your hunting!

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