Wingspan Optics review (Must Read Before You Buy)

Wingspan Optics review

If you love adventures, hiking, hunting, birdwatching, and wildlife, you probably love binoculars too. It’s the sort of gear you would want to keep with you for the rest of your life! Here are the details of wingspan Optics review.

Let’s introduce you to Wingspan Optics Spectator 8×32. It’s a semi-compact binocular that can really enrich your birdwatching experience and those adventure tours. If you don’t want to compromise on clarity, detail, and brightness of your view and still want a budget-friendly binocular, then this product from Wingspan is the best we have for you in 2019.

Wingspan Optics review

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Why should you buy Wingspan optics binoculars?

We feel the following  4 reasons should justify buying Wingspan optics:

➣ At such a low price, it is the best value for money.
➣ Can be easily carried with zero fear of losing caps.
➣ Specifically made for birdwatching so you can see beautiful details of the birds.
➣Exclusive lifetime warranty that you can count on

Top Features of Wingspan Binocular

Great design specifications

When you buy Binoculars, you hardly notice any real design features to complement the magnification and Field of view features. But if you purchase wingspan, its design specs will attract you right away. The lens covers for both the ends remain attached to the binocular. It’s one of the best ideas that can help you enjoy your bird watching adventure or concert without worrying about the lens covers.

What’s more?

You can attach the lens covers to the neck strap for more safety. It’s a great idea that other manufacturers still have not implemented. The eyepieces are built to rotate in and out which is very cool for people wearing glasses.

Sharp focus and clarity with details

With 8X magnification, the binoculars are more than handy for hiking, hunting or bird watching. The objective lens diameter of 32mm equally complements the magnification giving you more Field of view. The vision is crystal clear with more color details to enhance your visibility. The wide depth of field allows seeing more in a single view. Extraordinary clarity is seen up to 1000 yards or 362ft. Large objective diameter allows more light to enter in the eyepiece. You can easily capture moments at dusk when the naked eye can hardly see. Judging by the user satisfaction rate, the wingspan is arguably the best Binocular in 2019 within this price range.

Bird watching

The wingspan brand is known to produce binoculars just specifically for Bird watching. So, if you ever had bought a binocular that suits sightseeing but not bird watching then it’s to grab one of these. When you are watching birds, you should be able to distinguish between two species, whether it’s by size or color. With many binoculars in the market, you can hardly see any difference. But Wingspan compact with 8 X 32 delivers awesome details to every bird you at long range. So, you can easily identify the small features of those birds. That would be the best thing that every bird watchers want. This is best budget binoculars for birding.

What’s more?

The binocular is equipped with a non-slip grip that doesn’t smell like tiers as most grips do. So, if you are in wet conditions or watching birds for hours, there is a low risk of dropping.

Durability and weatherproofing

We can’t really vouch for the weatherproof or waterproofing abilities of these Binoculars. But they are able to restraint wet and dusty conditions. The built quality is solid and feels great on the hands. Durability is rather a by-product of the nonslip grips we mentioned about in the earlier section.

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  • crystal clear focus enables detailed viewing. Make your concert, hiking, hunting or birdwatching memorable with it
  • lightweight and compact feature allow you to carry this binocular easily and to any place you go
  • offers durability with a nonslip grip that helps to avoid drop and damage.
  • attached lens covers to ensure that you don’t lose them.
  • lifetime wingspan optics warranty speaks the confidence and value of this brand. You also get a 30-day money back guarantee if you don’t love the product.


[su_column size=”1/2″][su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#bf000a” radius=”0″][su_list icon=”icon: ban” icon_color=”#bf000a”]

  • the minimal instruction manual can become a nightmare. Best to research and learn
    more from the internet.
  • new binocular users might have a hard time to get proper focus


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I use this Wingspan Binocular for Sporting and concert?

Answer: Yes ! you can. But it’s best if you opt for Wingspan eagle scout which is just a few dollars more.

Be sure to check the pricing tab for these available options.

2. What additional things will I get with this product?

Answer: You will get a neck strap which you can use to carry the binoculars along with the lens cover. You also get a cleaning cloth that comes in a plastic case. Use this to clean the lens preferably a few times a year.

3.I have read the product description, and it says the product is waterproof.

Is it really?

Answer: From the user reviews, we can clearly say that this product is not completely waterproof or Fog-

proof. But it’s best to label it as ‘water resistant.

4. Can I use this wingspan optics 8×32 to hunt?

Answer: Yes! You can use this in your game according to your purposes.

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Final words

If you buy this fan favorite binocular, it should serve you for the rest of your life. Your 2019 will never be the same with this product because you will save money but get more value. Hopefully, this will be the best choice for you. It will make your birdwatching enjoyable. So let’s enjoy your watching.

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